Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sewing Sunday :: 2

Here is the second version I made of last weeks dress, in stripy fabric from Global Fabrics (btw, Global has their plain knit fabrics reduced to a crazy $6 pm this week!!)

stripy dress

This was actually the third time I'd made the pattern and completed the dress in under 2 hours! The fabric was $18 p/m, from memory, and I used pretty much the whole metre. There's probably enough scraps to make some baby leggings, but not much else. Please pay close attention to the way I matched the stripes at the side seams. This was actually kinda easy, I just made sure they matched when I cut it out, and then stretched the fabric as I sewed. This version is a bit higher in the bust and a bit scoopier, but it could probably still be more so. Maybe next summer!

Tomorrow is the day I'm most excited about happening as an outcome of the Supercity merger, the libraries merge! (I know, I'm a nerd.) So we will be able to borrow books from Auckland City Libraries, up until now we have been limited to Papakura and Pukekohe, this is most exciting, because the central Libraries subscribe to the Burda sewing magazines, yay! I love this pattern, but I think after the 3rd variation in my wardrobe, it'll become pretty obvious I'm just making the same thing over and over. Maybe I can find one with a twist across the bust?!


  1. The matching stripes were the first thing I noticed, you have done that fantastically!
    I really like this pattern, perhaps i could borrow it and make a long top? Past the minidress look now unfortunately!

  2. I too am a nerd... it's awesome how the libraries are merged and that requests are now FREE!!!!