Monday, 1 November 2010

Tea Towels as Art :: 2

A while back I posted about choosing a tea towel to put on the wall in our kitchen as art. In the end I chose the 'Great British Biscuit' one.

When I went to buy a canvas to stretch it around, I couldn't find one the right size, so I took myself off to Mitre 10 to buy some wood and screws and built a simple frame to stretch the tea towel over. In the wood section I met a woman who was looking for wood to anchor the roman blinds she was sewing to her window frames. Eventually a nice young man came and helped us, we both looked pretty bewildered! (Though not as confused as the screws section made me. Why are there so many different types?!)


I used little tacks to secure the tea towel to the back of the frame, and neatly mitred the corners. I had to undo the side hems to make it fit, but I can easily sew them back up if I decide to use it for it's original purpose.


After putting several nails into the wall to try and get it to hang straight (note: spirit level is your friend) I wasn't really feeling the love. But I really do like it hanging up there on my wall!

<>teatowel as wall art

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  1. your photo and VOEL made me laugh (lol)
    It looks so quirky and somehow Christmassy with the twigs and red and white. However I am not a fan of 31 October tv ads for Christmas shopping as I saw for Farmers on the weekend.
    That loses the love for me!!