Friday, 29 October 2010

Fibre Friday :: Christmas Knitting

I finished an Annis Scarf, and with this beautiful sunny summery weather we've been having, blocked and dried it yesterday after work.

I have to admit, I think I'm addicted to lace knitting. There's something about that moment, where your fabric goes from being crumpled and shapeless,

Unblocked Annis

Soaking Annis

to taught and defined. Amazing.

Blocking Annis

I block my lace on a foam mattress we slept on in our car when we roadtripped around the bottom of the South Island. I just use normal stainless steel sewing pins for pinning out this lace, with no straight edges, but need to get some heavier t-pins for holding up my blocking wires.

And so pleased with the finished project!

Blocked Annis

You can see the lace more clearly now, and the stocking stitch portion drapes so nicely.

Blocked Annis

This (free) pattern took just over a week to knit, in stolen moments, and 100g of silk merino lace will make two scarves! Just the thing your Christmas knitting list needs, quick and economical!

Blocked Annis

And it doesn't look half bad on, either :)


(Free shipping in NZ for silk merino yarn until the end of the weekend, International customers, your prices have been adjusted to reflect this discount too!)

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