Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bedroom Reveal

This is the best photo I took of the bedroom when we bought the house. I know, shame on me.


And this is when I last updated you.


And this is now.


Yeah, we're really pleased.


There are my painting projects again, along with a wonky rag rug I made a month or two ago. I made and blogged about the quilt way back here.


The lamp was a wedding gift, you can find them here. It throws off plenty of light to read by.


I bought one of those really heavy mirrors with the bevelled edges from the Salvation Army, and we hung it in a stud. If this was a little girls room I would string some fairy lights, maybe flower ones, around the mirror.


We chose to put up a blind in this room and I bought another one for the other room. I think the roman blind helps the room to feel larger than curtains would. You can also see out the window that we have had the hedge chopped back, it lets a lot more sun and light into the room now.


I hung hooks on the back of the door, so Michael can hang up his work clothes, ready for the next day. Because we often both leave for work when the other is sleeping this wardrobe has Michael's uniform in it and my coats and scarves.


And it is so nice to put up these images, that I took so many moons ago. I still love these photos!

We are so pleased with how this room turned out, we've started stripping the wallpaper in the next bedroom!