Thursday, 4 August 2011

Two Pieces of Painted Furniture

I've painted two pieces of furniture for the spare bedroom. I just need to hang a couple of pictures and find a mirror, then I can give you the 'tour'.

One is a wee bedside cabinet I bought for $65, and the chest of drawers was a hand me down from our early flatting days.



I used the colour 'Fort Dorset' from the Dulux colours of NZ range. It's more blue en masse that the wee swatch looked- I was hoping for a rather pale industrial grey, but this actually suits the room and the direction I've taken the decorating in better. (Or maybe it's leading the direction the decorating is going in....)

Painted Furniture

I left the original hardware on the bedside cabinet, but took the handles off the drawers. Unfortunately the handles I removed were not a current standard size, being mere millimitres wider than the handles you can buy today so my plans to put a nice cup handle on it were thwarted. Being too lazy and impatient eager to finish the project I opted for two knobs on the drawers instead of filling, sanding and repainting 8 little holes- this came out to roughly the same price as the cup handles would have been, and I think it looks cute. Plus you can hang stuff off them.

Painted Furniture

Next up on my list? This beauty.


I'm swinging between a really dark charcoal grey and a dark grey purple. Any thoughts? Have you painted any furniture lately?