Tuesday, 11 January 2011


We had a long and quite wonderful holiday in Golden Bay for 4 weeks over Christmas and New Years.

{The weather the morning we left Wellington on the Ferry}

We had Family, Fun and Flooding, and managed to piece our car back together in time for the drive home last Saturday morning. We got home on our one year wedding anniversary to a hugely overgrown vege patch, in particular the pumpkins which have gone for miles and are threatening the tomatoes.

{The weather the afternoon before we left Golden Bay.}

The interwebs are full of people's resolutions for the year ahead. Mine is quite simple this year, to give up my shameful 7pm habit. I'm doing quite well so far, aided by the fact I don't think the season has started yet.

This year our goals are also to eat more simply and mindfully, make a real dent on the aesthetic side of our renovation, and my last one is to have summer at home this year, in order to stay on top of the delateralling!


  1. A four week holiday - what bliss. I am new to reading your blog - what is your 7pm habit?

    C x

  2. Hi Catherine, my 7pm habit is a NZ soap *cough* shourtland st *cough*. Just trying to reclaim 2.5 hours of my life a week!