Monday, 6 December 2010

The Sneaky Pea Thief

The other day I left Pedro with a delicious juicy bone, and after about 30 minutes noticed a peculiar noise. I went to investigate, only to find our sneaky vege loving lab nom-noming on the peas!


He'd pulled a whole big part of the vine down, and had worked his way through it, pulling all the pods off the vine and leaving the foliage.



Next year I'll plant the peas in the fenced part of the vege garden!



  1. It must be something to do with black labs - ours goes around testing the red currants for ripeness (not quite, yet) and the raspberries (started before there were even any berries on the canes - LOVES raspberries!) as well as ambushing be if I have pulled any carrots. She has to have a carrot of her own before I go inside.

  2. O no! Thats both funny and a bit sad... bet you were looking forward to those peas!