Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mini Make Over

I think Mum thought I was joking the other day when I told her we haven't been able to use our lounge for almost 6 months dues to the piles of *stuff* in it. During the kitchen reno we just kept piling stuff up in there and never really got around to sorting it out.

I really had had enough mid last week, and decided that I was going to get it presentable in time for my Uncle and cousin to visit us for lunch today. I also decided that as part of the process, the fireplace needed painting (of course.)

Here's where we started, way back when we bought the house, and ripped up the carpet. Thankfully the good folk who built the house had the sense to only use the multicoloured brick on the internal fireplace, and not all over the exterior like some of the houses in our street.


I started by using some wall paint and painted the fireplace white-ish. I like how this looked, and would probably have kept it white if the walls were a colour.


So I hauled myself off to the Resene and bought a pot of water-based enamel in 'Blue Lagoon'.


The enamel is quite thin and I had to do two coats to cover the white. I also painted the mantel. The glossy finish makes it look a little as though the paint is till wet. I really like the high gloss finish.

To finish it off, I hung the wedding gift from my Bridesmaid, Penny, and added a few things we had around the house. The L.O.V.E letters look great here! I plan to fill up the grate with white candles, and we will eventually strip the wallpaper and repaint, and update the curtains. I've also been planning to recover the furniture for several years! But for now, it's a nice update to our living space, and very summery. The best thing is that we can actually live in it again!


I'm thinking I might switch it up in 18 months time, painting it a deep purple perhaps?!


  1. It goes perfectly with the painting and it really is eye catching! And infinitely better than the original colours!!

  2. WOW!
    I wasn't sure I would like that colour but you're right it does look summery and it looks like a Home and Garden type makeover, well done!

  3. Very cool. Lovin it with the artwork