Monday, 2 August 2010

Tea Towels as Art

I'm trying to decide on a tea towel to buy, to stretch it around a canvas for my kitchen. I made an etsy treasury here (no screen shot because my screen isn't big enough to get the whole thing in the frame!)

But these are my top contenders:

Full English Breakfast Tea Towel - red

Kakabeak flower tea-towel

source (and check out the kereru!)

The Great British Biscuit Tea Towel - raspberry red

RED Urban Type Screenprinted Cotton Tea Towel

I really really like some of the others in the treasury too (especially the EAT YOUR GREENS) but feel it needs to be a red print.

Which would you choose?


  1. Ohhhh - what a tough choice! The British biscuit one is hilarious, but it would probably annoy me if I had to live with it every day. I think I would love No 1 best - eggs, bacon etc... all for 2.60 ... those were the days!

    If it didn't have to be red, from your treasury I would pick Mr Darcy's proposal. :)

    - Johanna (usually blog lurker and always admirer of your yarn and fibre!)

  2. The kakabeak is my fave. From a passionate Kiwi born in Aussie

  3. i like the first one jess :)

  4. I like the british biscuit, but I think the second one would be a very pretty thing to have as art - doesn't really feel like a tea towel though.

  5. british biscuit, then i looked and i like the hot teacup too, and i want mr darcy's proposal , so order that for me when you choose!!

  6. Kakabeak would be my pick of those. But my fav is the nikau/kereru - I'd be asking her if she'd print it in red, if it was me :)

  7. Great idea. I like the british biscuit brew one and also the fancy a brew one. The yarn you make is so gorgeous, amazing colours.
    I am a long time blog admirer too!!! First came across your blog when you were following the bake off program. Loved your updates and interpretations better than the actual program.

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  9. The kaka beak one is beautiful, but it totally depends on the space. I like the last typographic tea towel aswell - for something bold and simple. If you feel like the room is bold and simple - i would go for the intricate kaka beak, but if you feel there is already a few fussy prints, i would go for yr fav typographic one. Letters always look amazing in a room. Why not print them out on paper and put them where you want them to go and live with it for a couple of days?

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