Monday, 19 July 2010

We have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the yarn giveaway- a record number of commenters! It was lovely to hear your positive feedback, and thanks too to those who left suggestions for future colourways- I enjoyed reading them, and have added them to my mental to do list!

The winner of the skein of yarn is Brenda Chawner, who said: 'My favourite is smoke and mirrors, but I'm also tempted by the hydrangea. All the colours look lovely!'

It seems this was a favourite colourway- I'll be sure to dye more next time! (Though there is a skein of silk weight left...)

Brenda, the link you left is to a hidden profile, so please get in touch using my email address on the side bar. I'll leave a note on ravelry too, but otherwise I don't know how to get in contact! (If I don't hear from you in a week, I will draw another winner.)

And until the end of the week, the yarn has free national shipping in the etsy shop- international buyers, yours is discounted by the cost of national shipping!

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