Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Kitchen Diaries :: Sneak Peek

On the weekend we put up the shelf. I also sewed up the blind, but have to tack the lining and top fabric together to get it to roll nicely. Also should attach it NOT using pins I guess.

A wee sneak peek for your viewing pleasure:




I've been unpacking wedding gifts (L.O.V.E) and found these glass bowls- we have camelias dotted around the house now, which is nice. More photos soon......


  1. wow nice, it's come a long way... looking lovely and so too is the stunning smoke and mirrors silk fingering which I got to fondle when she was last visiting. Sounds like it would make a great jewellery type of scarf. divine.

  2. 'she' being simone not the cats mother... and that shelf is rad...its floating!