Monday, 8 March 2010

A wee bit random

My computer is not behaving today, so I can't upload the photos I planned to post. I had these on the agenda for later in the week, but I don't think you'll mind seeing them today? You're good like that!

Birthday roses (from a fortnight ago. Have I really been 23 for 14 days?!) and the tomato relish.



And some fresh dinners we have been eating from the garden, I haven't shown you many of those lately, have I?



Chicken, corn and potato pie with carrots and beans in butter. Yum!


A riot of salad colour- lettuce, silver beet, carrots spring onions and tomatoes. I especially love the pink stalked silver beet in a salad, I chop up the stalk separately for extra colour and crunch!

What are you eating from the garden at the moment?


  1. Your pictures are always stunning. I want mine to look that good! You obviously have a great eye, but what kind of camera/ lenses do you use?

    All of a sudden we have too many nashi, peaches and grapes in the garden. Time to wash the jars to do some bottling as well.

  2. Right now I'm not eating anything from my garden (it's under snow!!) but I am trying to incorporate more and more veggies and fruits into my meals. Tonight was spinach and orange salad along with some hot chili. It was so tasty. I'm so glad I found my way here--your photos are beautiful!

  3. How lovely to be getting all that freshness out of your garden.Its so cold here in the UK & I yearn for the warmer weather.