Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Get your knit on

Firstly, I'd like to say how lovely it is to own a piece of equipment with a manual that compliments me on my 'excellent shopping sense'. Secondly, who doesn't love finding a knitting machine (with ribmaster) in working order for $6. Not a typo.

I've had it for about 6 months, I carried it a long way back from town in it's brown cardboard suitcase, on a carless expedition. It was worth every step!

I've had a couple of plays with it, but on Sunday I knitted an actual thing with it. Baby blanket, in orange handspun (food colours). Less than two hours knitting....it may have taken almost as long to cast on and off as it did to knit.

It's a bit of a workout too...I could feel it across my shoulders and arms Monday and Tuesday, though that possibly says more about my fitness levels than a recommendation for exercise!

Oh and yesterday at spinning group there was a loom for sale and I had the right notes in my wallet..... it comes home on Monday! All this fibery goodness!


  1. Score! A baby blanket.... is there a baby to be had?

  2. I have a knitting machine packed away in our shed that I've had for many years and never used. My husband's grandfather gave it to me - it just seems so mind boggling trying to work out how to use it. But perhaps I should get it out and give it a go huh!

  3. As a complete non knitter (and not through lak of trying over and over) I now really really want a knitting machine!