Friday, 5 March 2010

Fibre Friday :: NZ Sampler Box Samples

I sent off my samples for the next NZ Fibre Sampler Box this afternoon, silk hankies in 3 colour ways. Midnight, merry-go-round and honey on toast.



Which one are you hoping to get?


I think merry-go-round is my favourite of the three, and you can get it bundled with merino over in the felt shop!

Did you get a sampler box last time? What was your favourite sample?

:: We are off for a picnic in the park with friends tonight, I hope your weekend pursuits are just as lovely!


  1. howdy jess, your photography is looking awesome! whats the camera? love it all... x

  2. thanks for your comment - How could I not include all your yummyness!
    - by the way the post you commented on has been moved as it wasn't showing up at the top of my blog, but a few days back. It think it was because it was one I started a few days ago and had saved as a draft - weird. Um so your comment is no longer showing sorry - feel free to re comment :)