Sunday, 28 February 2010

Weekending 2

We had the Papakura spin in on Saturday, it was fun with people to meet, and things to learn.


In the front you can see the novelty spinners, and the knitters are in the back right corner. At 11.30 there was a 'longest thread' competition, with 10g of fibre handed out to each participant and a strict time frame of 30 minutes to spin in.

I had a stall selling some fibre, it went really well.



I also purchased a few things, some ceramic buttons from a local potter,

handmade ceramic buttons

and a new drive band for my wheel. Maggie and Mike, Auckland Ashford dealers at Wheels and Whorls will be pleased to hear my wheel is running smoothly and effortlessly now I've got the garden twine off there!!

Picnik collage

My most popular purchase combo was a skein of merino fibre and a pack of silk hankies, which I was offering at a special price of $20. I've got a couple left and put them up in my felt shop. Keep checking back over the next few days, as I have some more merino, silk sliver and hankies to add too.

Picnik collage

Merino/silk combo in 'sugar and spice' and 'merry-go-round'.

Today I went into work for a bit, and made tomato relish, recipe later in the week. Thinking about those affected by the earthquake in Chile too.

How was your weekend?


  1. What alot of lovliness. Your fibre looks good enough to eat and the buttons are wonderful. The hall full of homespun, handknits and spinning wheels reminds me of the spinning group I went to as a child in the 70's at my mother's side. It evokes very fond memories.

  2. hey your fibre looks lovely! It sounds like a lovely day!

  3. gorgeous and very inspiring!
    lots of loverly ladies getting together.
    isnt it great to be part of such a mixed age group?

  4. my mother taught me to use builders line on my spinning wheel - i'm wondering if that's also the equivalent of garden twine? i'm really enjoying seeing all your spinning and deliciously dyed wool, is inspiring. i am keen to come and see you sometime, i think i may need some spinning tips as has been a very long while!