Sunday, 7 February 2010

Thank you

This weekend I made 70 thank you cards to send out to the wedding guests.


We used the leftover card from the invitations, and an image we had taken in the 'photobooth' we set up at the wedding dance, once everyone had consumed sufficient amounts of alcohol to put on really big sunglasses.


We also tucked in a copy of photos that people had taken, here are a few of my favourites:

sooo not ideal!

My Great-Aunt and Uncle, who had their wedding reception in the same hall, 48 years earlier!

The Cousins!

If you want to see the rest you can click on any photo which will take you through to my flickr page.

We plan on framing a bunch of these for in the hallway. If you're planning a wedding and have a photographer open to the idea, I'd really encourage doing this- we just picked up a few things at the $2 shop, I made some moustaches and the chalk board, and away we went. (All images except the first two are credited to our amazing photographer, who brought his studio backdrop to the wedding.)

So now I've just got to write in the cards!

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