Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The green ruched blanket

I've alluded to this before, showing some photos of spun fibre, but I never really posted the project. I think I was worried if I put it out here I would doom it to lie unfinished forever in a pile at the bottom of my studio. As it is it's been finished for months, I just had to weave in the ends and wash it. Why it took this long, who knows? I almost feel ready to embark on another!!

I can't remember the book I got this pattern from, I started it so long ago! I also don't know how many stitches I cast on, just till it 'felt wide enough'. I think there is about 150 to 200 stitches. Basically you knit stocking stitch for 12 rows, increase into every stitch and knit for 12 rows, then knit two together across the next row and knit for 12 rows. If anyone wants more detailed info I will hunt the book down for you, just let me know!

Each skinny section took 3 hours knitting, the bigger sections, double that. There are 19 pattern repeats, so it took roughly 175 hours to knit. I don't know how long it took to spin the wool though. I spent a lot of time working on this project, and it travelled a lot of places with us!

And now I will just let the pictures do the talking!












  1. Love your pictures of the beautifully knit blanket. Great pattern. Is that your own patter? Nice job:-)

  2. Sorry...I guess I should have read the entire article then I would see the instructions for the pattern. I got carried away with the pictures before I finished reading all.....you inspired me to knit one too

  3. Congratulations! I secretly loved that you had this never-ending project, but I'm happy for you to have finished it. It's nice to have such things not lurking over your shoulder isn't it? Hmmm maybe I should get back to a few of mine???

  4. So beautiful! I adore your photos aswell. Your inspiring me to take more, the photography mojo has been on holiday. BTW, pav attempt was last night... I will have to blog about it! I made a BIG one to take to a bbq tonight.

  5. Wow that is simply gorgeous! I adore that shade of green too. You take lovely photos too.

    I have an antique blanket that is green wool and white silk which was made with this identical stitch. It belonged to my father when he was a tiny baby (67 years ago). It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I always wished I could knit something as fabulous. I had never seen anything else with this stitch until now.

    I am green with envy!