Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Squishy Fibre

Here are a few more shots of the purple fibre I was spinning on the weekend. I haven't got many words tonight as I baked my pies for tomorrow, and we had friends for dinner to help us eat them, so it's getting quite late.




I do have to say that this merino fibre is just amazing though, it spins up strong and smooth, and when washed blooms into a squishy, soft fibre I could just rub on my face and be content with. Sometimes it feels like the yarn is the finished product, not what I knit from it!


I had a little silk on a bobbin, in pinks and blues, so I plied it with the leftover merino singles to use as an accent in this project. It is shimmery and sparkly and catches the light.


In the next few days I will take some photos and write about what I am knitting with this yarn.

Until tomorrow, sweet dreams!

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  1. Your wool is just so beautiful you clever girl.
    My Grandmother was right into spinning and dyeing and weaving and such, she even had her own sheep. Sadly she passed away about 2 years ago - and now I'm really getting into knitting and appreciating beautiful wool, and I would SO love to be able to sit with her and chat about it and learn from her. Such is life huh.