Friday, 5 February 2010

NZ's Hottest Baker


Did you watch this program last night? We don't watch alot of t.v. but had this on while I was doing the dishes.... and then I knitted a few rows while I waited to see who was 'going home'. Though I think this is a much friendlier version than normal reality t.v. as the contestants don't have to share bunk beds in an albeit luxurious house and fish each others hair out of the bathroom sink. They even told them what they would be baking 'next week'. My impression is that the contestants shop for their own ingredients (no overstocked pantry here folks) and although I didn't see any I even get the impression a recipe card might be allowed.


So last night they opened with their 'signature dish'. Some people had though ahead and prepared a dish that would take up the whole two hours they had to make it. Others didn't even make their own pastry...(judges words, not mine)..and she got sent home. (Prehaps a little unfairly? Did you watch it? Do you think prehaps milo girl should have instead? I mean that's the BEST she's got?)


So I got to thinking...

a) where did they get these people? And why wasn't I asked....not that I rate myself all THAT highly....did you see those cupcakes?

b) would I really have gone on it? The answer is probably not, but then again, the prize package of a $20,000 new kitchen might have been a good incentive, we are in the market for one of those.

c) I could DO that! I mean, I could bake those


So over the next few weeks, I'm going to do the same baking as what will be airing in the next episode (provided they continue to tell us ahead of time), and posting up my results here.

I'm not going to do my signature dish, but will link to Louise's Best Brownies, and Chocolate Zucchini Cake, both of which I have made in the last week and would have been contenders to choose from.


So before next Thursday, expect to see my take on scones and pavlova, as prescribed by Colin at the end of the show last night. Care to join me? Post up your scone and or pavlova recipe on your blog, come back here and leave a comment, and I will do a round up when I post mine. I'd love to have you on board!


  1. What a fun idea, I'd be keen to give it a go! We totally thought Milo Girl should have gone home too, that slice was like something you'd make in Year 7 or 8 Food class.

  2. I just watched on the website. Not sure if i will watch again, it makes me mad! Those judges MAN alive they are completely unprofessional! I do agree tho, milo slice lady vs savoury Amy, who can CLEARLY cook. Milo slice lady... not so much (i guess we will see)

    After working in a profession that requires constant critique and feedback I thought the judges were too personal.I suppose its sensationalist, but there was one british show I REALLY enjoyed because the judges were professional in their critique, not mean for the sake of it... O and that womans little upward 'i am thinking something quite different from what i'm saying' look. Made me even madder, who DOES she think she is? Some respect for the contestants would not have gone astray.
    Little rant over! I am tempted to try the pav and scons, scons i have down.. but i have NEVER ever made pav...

  3. Awesome look , i know. My mouth is watering. You can also make such nice looking and tasty food . How? My DISH TV have many cookery program and believe me i have experimented with the recipe and the result is unbelievable .