Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Upside down peach muffins

I needed to try out my new measuring spoons, they were a gift received at my 'kitchen tea' before the wedding. We got given lots of really lovely and useful things.

I made these muffins from the Alison Holst book, 'More Marvellous Muffins', although I have a reprint, slightly different, edition.


You cut peach slices into some butter and sugar in the bottom of the tin, and add the batter on top.



Just a basic egg/milk/butter/sugar/flour batter, but it had a teaspoon of mixed spice in it which gave them a nice subtle flavour.



Once cooked you turn them out. I had to scoot a few bits of peach back into the right spot. They looked lovely piled on a plate to take out to spinning group.

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