Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Musings on Renovation

When you are renovating, finding the third layer of wallpaper is pretty crappy. We had a plasterer come round to give us a quote today, but maybe instead of painting it will be cheaper to hang a plain wallpaper? What option did you take? Oh how I do like painted walls though.

The good thing about stripping all that wallpaper? You get a chance to try out your ideas for a mural with a sharpie first!

Wall Art 1

Wall Art 3

The idea is that the bit where it wraps around the corner above the telephone(s) would have hooks in it to hang keys, and there would be hooks on the main branches too to hang coats, etc on.

I'm not entirely sure about it yet, and M commented it would look great if we were a kindergarten. Hmmmm.

Wall art 2 - key rack?

Maybe I will just make a key rack shaped like this instead.

At least there's two layers left to experiment on before we have to make a decision!!!


  1. its really very nice and beautiful thanks for sharing this with us..

  2. I've been there ( about 2 years ago)! Umm, We didn't get a plasterer in and we did paint, but I wish we had payed for a skim coat to get a better finish for the paint. Under all our wallpaper was bad plastering around an old moulding that had been taken out. It is still very obvious, and embarrasing when people come to look at our house ( its on the market). Good luck with your decision. If youcan afford it , go professional, at least for prep!

  3. Doesn't sound like much fun....but it does sound fun drawing on the wall! I think your idea would look fantastic! xx

  4. I think your mural idea is lovely one, I don't think it will look kindergarten-y. I would only look cartoony if you do it in too many colours and the style is blocky. You have a lovely illustration style and I think it looks very sophisticated and elegant.