Monday, 15 February 2010

Don't let your yarn get in a tangle!

I've spent ALOT of time unwinding tangles in my yarn. ALOT of very big tangles. This was probably the mother of all tangles (4 years ago). I skeined up a XL men's sweater around the legs of my dining room chairs, then dyed it. Yeah, smart.


I think it took over 4 hours of weaving my wee ball (as it grew larger and larger) through all the knots to get this undone. And I STILL haven't done anything with the fibre!!

So it's only taken me 4 years of spinning to discover this trick, which I pieced together after reading snippets on a few blogs. I thought I would do a quick picture tutorial for anyone else out there in a similar mess!




And you're done! Dunk, dye, wash to your heart's content. Once dry, slip out the contrast ties, and wind up into a ball. Yay for no more tangles!!

And now for a wee spot of housekeeping!

::Head over to see Simone and her glorious pav, she's baking along with me.

::I've not been receiving your comments in my inbox lately for some unknown (blogger?) reason, so thank you for all your kind words on my blanket, baking and photography, it means a lot you know!

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