Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Wedding Photos

We had our wedding photos taken by Glenn Bisdee, and I would highly recommend him for any photography you might be wanting done, especially in the Nelson area.

Also, I am probably the last person to discover and play with Poladroid, but on the off chance you haven't yet either, get yeself over there and download a copy- it's addictive and fun!

I'll let the pictures do the talking......

Red Wedding Shoes

Some last minute sewing
With Nana

Wedding Hilux

With Dad and Sam

Walking down the aisle




Walking back up the aisle

Cake cutting

First dance

Bridal party photos

Sisterly Love

Phone Booth

Into the Maize

DSC06462a - Copy-pola

My Favourite Image


  1. cute photos! i love the one in the corn. i still can't believe you made your dress with all that beading! well done! and congratulations on your marriage! :D

  2. congratulations - looks like a fantastic day - well done on your dress, it's looks gorgeous!