Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Garden :: Power Gardening

Check out the before shots here......

So we got the tree men in, with their cherry picker and chainsaws. They were just starting to chop at 9 am, and just driving away when I got home at 3:30. Money well spent.

Now my vege patch gets to see some sunshine. I'm a wee bit concerned it's still too shady, but I think a wee bit of cover from the midday Auckland summer sunshine probably isn't such a bad thing. Along the back, those trees are 3 peaches and a plum. I'm pretty sure!

There's a wee garden which runs along he side of the house, opposite and paralell to this garage wall. With the tree gone, not only can we get into the garage, this wee stratch of dirt gets all day sun!

The most dramatic change really was out the front, still so so much work to do, but at least now we can see where we are headed! Taking out these trees has also dramatically increased light level in the lounge.

Dave and Louise (Michael's Dad and his Partner) are staying with us for 5 days at the moment. You won't beleive the series of phots I'll show you in a couple of days time when we've finished the working bee we're in the middle of!


  1. Good to see the "before" and helped with the "after" in the garden department. A lot of work went on in those few days, and Mitre 10 must love you. Happy to help - Louise & Dave

  2. Thats quite a dramatic change, especially the garage!

  3. Hey there Jess, I love your blog!! Adore it!! It is quiet at work today so have had a chance to have a good look around. Lou and Dave have given me the low down on the new house. It sounds wonderful. Can't wait to catch up around your wedding time. Take care, love to you, Mike and Pedro - Amber

  4. cant wait to see those after shots!
    where the heck are you?m

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting today! So nice to meet another fiber artist! I love that red roving you dyed and spun....very nice! And thanks for the tip about the citric acid, I have some and will try it next time!