Friday, 11 September 2009

The Garden:: Before

When we bought this property, a little old lady (in her early 90's) had owned it for 15 years. We think she had moved out about 6 months earlier, where the appointments ran out on the wall calender left behind. While I don't doubt she once had a lovely garden, and I'm told a very productive vege garden, by the time we got to owning it it was very overgrown.

These are such sweet, juicy oranges. Hopefully with a litle light the tree can start growing back the other way!

Some one sprayed thisall out before we moved in, unfotunately they got the rhubarb too, which is slowly coming back, while everyone else in Auckland is eating theirs! The neighbour told me Dorothy grew a magnificent crop. Also in the vege garden when we moved in was a bean vine, covered in dried out old pods, I saved the seed before I pulled them out, to plant this weekend.

So that's the before....stay tuned!

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