Thursday, 4 June 2009

a wee note

:: EmilyKate ::

I probably wasn't very clear, but that macro "lens" is just a filter that screws onto the front of your normal SLR lens- like a UV or polarising filter does. You just have to get the right size (mine is 58mm). They are basically a magnifying glass for the front of your lens. Enjoy the savings!!


  1. heheh, thankyou! I had a bit of a lookie on Australian ebay to see if I could find something similar to what you linked to on TradeMe, and I found something I'm gonna buy next week when I have some pocket money. Oooooh, soon I'll be taking pics of buttons at 100x magnification!

    Congrats on the new house! You must be so excited :o)

  2. Hi, I've just posted a comment about a manual for Husqvarna Automatic 21A in your old blog. I will be very happy if you can mail me a copy. Kind regards Efwa - Medea