Thursday, 18 June 2009


Two weekends ago we released the floors from who-knows-how-old carpet (and the dust that goes with it) and vinyl. The floors in the kitchen, dining, lounge and one bedroom (??) had been varnished before, but polyurethane has obviously come a long way because they were quite dark and sort of orangy. The floorboards in the bedrooms and hallway were much paler.

Spare bedroom before and after carpet.

Master bedroom before and after carpet.

And we pulled two of these heaters off the wall. I love the controls! Warm-Cosy-Hot.

We had the floors sanded during the week and moved in last weekend. The floors came up a beautiful pale wood with the semi-gloss poly we chose. Sadly all rooms are in quite the state, so when I get things a bit more sorted I'll post some pictures of the finshed floor.


  1. The floors look great! The wall paper behind the heater looks cute too - but I'm guessing it gets a bit uglier en masse. I look forward to seeing a craft room at some stage in the future. Millie x

  2. sweeet! Wow, look at all the old fittings and wallpaper. I think im in love! Mind you, as Millie says.. en masse! Make sure if you get rid of any of it, to take some photos. That fireplace O i can just imagine it surrounded by yellows and mustardy browns... not that i could live in that, but you can imagine back in the day... still loving the cute kitchen.

  3. The floors are looking great. Hope that you're getting sorted and not too crazy with renovations. Have some Strawberry plants and a few seedlings looking for homes if you want to make a start on the garden?