Friday, 6 March 2009

The Year of the Quilt 6 :: A Baby Quilt :: Get your Quilt on

Quilting takes a top from this:

To this:

The biggest challenge I found quilting this was my lack of experience! Not in technical skills, but knowing how the quilting lines I added would change the look of the quilt. When I was thinking about quilting it, I imagined it would appear like noughts and crosses, where as what's happened (at least to me eye) it the diamonds have really come out. I like it!
I originally planned to simply bind it, but at class this week Faye suggested stippling the border, and Jo enabled it by lending me her spring loaded embroidery presser foot. I've been researching them and reckon I need one for my machine.
I'm not sure I like the stippling- I'll admit it looks good in the picture though. I changes the feel of the quilt- the border goes from being puffy and soft, to stiffer. I'll also admit that it's probably only noticeable to me. It also makes the pieced part "pop".
You can see some unstippled border on the right hand side of the photo- I ran out of thread in class. So next week I'll finish the stippling off, and bind the quilt. All that will be left is the dedication on the back, but I'll stitch that after bubs is born, so I can include the name.
:: :: :: :: ::
Let's revisit those goals shall we?
1. UFO's? Unfinished. Still. Though thinking about working on them. Does that count?
2.Learning new things every week, and have a few tools on my wish list to purchase in the next couple of months.
3. Night class? Check!
4. Almost finished quilt one. 5 to go!
5. Free motion quilting in the form of stippling, and I picked up my machine from it's repair job today. Just need that foot (see 2) and I'm set to go at home!
So I'm whittling away at that list. Maybe I need to add a few more challenges!

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  1. Hey, very nice! I was so glad to have your advice on the binding of my quilt, by the way. I just went ahead and cut 2.5 inch strips and I'm sewing them on now. Your quilt looks really lovely.
    And your man and your dog look lovely too!