Sunday, 8 March 2009


Zig Zags? They look like a neat extention of my sqaures infatuation- squares made of triangles! I'm planning a twist though- look out for drawings in the next few posts.

A good tutorial. Another tutorial.

I love the quilting (but might stick to stippling for this one).

These colours? Swoon. I love how the white crisps everything up. Maybe I need to plan a quilt with white!

(And this? Not zig zag, but oh how I adore thee!)


  1. Again, most useful! Gowd i must now really make a babyquilt eh, no excuses...

  2. Hello there, my Mom has this sewing machine, Viking Husqvarna type 21 just like your picture, and we're wondering if you could email us a copy of the manual! My email address is I would greatly appreciate and thanks for your blog!