Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Year of the Fibre ---- The year of the Quilt

At the start of 2008 I dubbed it 'The Year of the Fibre'. I'm not sure if I officially mentioned it here or not. It was my form of a New Years Resolution, and involved goals of fibre dying and spinning. I certainly didn't achieve all I set out to do, but had a great time along the way. It also took me places I didn't plan to go.

Rainbow Dying

Dying a gradient

Conserving colour change

By Navajo Plying

I certainly wasn't an exclusive fibre crafter in '08, that wasn't the aim. The goal was to extend my skills in one particular area, which is also something I won't stop doing, but in 2009 my focus is changing.

Introducing '2009: The Year of the Quilt'

One area I dabbled in last year was quilting. I got myself kitted out with a few of the basics, rotary cutter, self healing mat. I also created a few UFO's. Where I personally think I shined was the two quilts I made to commemorate my Nana.

So this year I wanted to write some goals down here, so I have something to reflect on in a year, and some direction during the year.

1. I want to finish the UFO's. I'd like to finish them before I move on to anything new.

2. I want to continue to up skill- try different techniques and purchase a few new tools.

3. In keeping with 2. I would like to take some formal instruction - perhaps a night class or two at the local high school.

4. I would like to finish 6 quilts to a high standard over the next 12 months. I would like them all to include new skills and techniques.

5. I want to try some free motion quilting. (This involves some repair work on my sewing machine.)

So, a modest set of goals, which are open enough for me to explore quilting in the next 12 months. Well done if you got to the end of this, and tell me, what are your crafting goals for 2009? Feel free to do a similar post, and please link to it - I would love to hear what direction the New Year is taking you in!


  1. Inspiring goals! I look forward to seeing your quilts throughout 09 :o)

  2. Hey how cool is that- I just put the purple quilt stuff in the mail today. I doubt I will ever make mine, but I will enjoy seeing yours!

  3. Those sound like wonderful goals.. nothing like setting your mind to something. .. looking forward to seeing the beautiful things you come up with!!

  4. I will be following as I've just started to be interested in patchwork which I suppose will lead onto quilting. Two new patchwork bags inspired me. By the way I love the colours you spun up. I've dabbled in a bit of spinning lately and hope to do more this year.

  5. love the first photo - fabulous with the water drips!!