Monday, 9 March 2009

Something for Nothing

As a boarder I learnt the art of "scabbing" early on. (As in a "scabby boarder", or "Can I scab some of that cake/pie/sandwhich/whatever's left in your lunchbox". Generally speaking it was better than the options we had in the dining room.) I went from being a scabby boarder to a poor student, which reinforced my love of getting something for nothing. BBQ at lunchtime? Free sausages on the lawn. I'll be there. 8 years of scrounging for a meal is a hard habit to break. I still love a bargain, and gettting something for nothing is even better!

Imagine how much I love saving seed from my garden then! I've been saving tomato seed from my 'Sweet 100' cherry tomato, and plan on doing the 'Roma' next. I also plan on scabbing some of Louise's Italian family tomato seed when we're up in Golden Bay. I can't wait for spring, and planting all those little seeds out, nuturing them into plants.

So here's my plan for getting even more for my buck- a seed swap! If you're growing your own tomatoes this year head over to Gillybeans, where she's written a timely post on how to save seed for next season. Then send me an email- jessicah.riley @ gmail (dot) com with your address. Depending on enthusiam I'll put people into groups of 5-7 and send out the mailing address. All you need to do is send your dried seeds off in the mail!

The fine print: Sign ups close on Sunday evening. Sorry international friends, NZers only please. And if you know the name/ can write a description of the tomato you are sending please include it in the envelope to your swap partners.


  1. great idea, I popped off my address to you thismorning, am looking foward to it. Brilliant photo of a pesky stinkbug makes me want to reach out and squash it.

  2. Good grief, I forgot I used to be a scabby boarder!! Great training for living in a recession, I guess.
    Your dress, and you, look fantastic. You're so flipping clever.