Monday, 17 September 2012

Polka Dot Blanket

I like to have a Large Crochet Project on the go. There is actually another one to wash and photograph, but here is the second crochet blanket I've made. Some how I have neglected to take and WIP photos of it!

Pastel Spots

Pastel Spots

After I weave in all those eleventy billion ends, I like to give it a soak in Soak, then press out the extra moisture into a towel. I use blocking wires and pins to stretch it out over foam puzzle pieces, and leave it till dry. Time was of the essence so I dried it in the sun (!) but you should really dry it in the shade.

Pastel Spots

It is always amazing how the fabric changes after blocking. This blanket became drapey, and boy did it grow!

I used Skeinz Vintage. I think I bought 3 (or maybe just 2) balls of each colour, and then just kept buying the cream till I had enough. I cannot recommend this yarn enough- it is my go to yarn for all DK projects. It comes in the most amazing colour range, is affordable and knits up beautifully. (And this red! swoon! I insist of having this in my stash at all times!)

Finished photos tomorrow.

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  1. Wow Jess! It's so great to see it finished after seeing those little squares for so long :) You must be pleased with it (and to have it finished eh?)