Thursday, 23 February 2012

In which we totally made over the hallway.

These renovation recaps are all getting a bit out of order, but here are the before and after photos of the toilet and hallway.

The toilet room was very yellow. Um very very yellow. (The red came later, and actually wasn't there long before we had the new toilet installed. There was quite a passage of time before we painted it though.)


Here is the toilet now- do you think I need some artwork to go in that space above the toilet?

This is before we ripped up the carpet in the hallway.



And here is our new, blank canvas, perfect for displaying art and photographs on.


Mirror from my Nana. She repainted the gold before she gave it to us, but I'm not sure what she used, as it leaves a trail of golden fairy dust on everything that comes into contact with it!


Art on either side of the linen cupboard, and a wedding photo on the wall next to the toilet door.


Looking back down the hall from the kitchen towards the master bedroom.