Friday, 18 March 2011

Majacraft Camp

Ooh Majacraft Camp 2011 was so much FUN! last weekend. I taught a workshop on different methods for spinning space dyed fibre, which was well received. One of my highlights was teaching a handful of people to navajo ply, and boy were they champs (you know who you are!), I was so proud that they got it first time!

The other big highlight was meeting so many talented and inspirational people from around the country, and Australia (and the rest of the world I should add.)

I was a slack slack blogger and didn't take nearly enough photos, but I did photographise the making of this art batt with Mandie from Ewe Give Me the Knits!



Mandie had a giant pile of colourful stuff which we fed to the drum was fun to spin something waaay out of my normal orbit. I plied it with turquoise sewing thread.


And when I got home I dusted off the drum carder I have on long term loan and aligned the two wheels. It's amazing how much smoother it runs when it's a) all lined up properly and b) clamped to the table. What an aha! moment!


And this is the first batt I made, with merino, alpaca, silk sliver and throwsters, beads, sequins and fabric. It's a bit hard to photograph something so white, but oh, it makes me want to spin!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!