Monday, 7 March 2011

Epic Fail of the Edible Kind (so it's o.k.)


I've made this brownie (just the brownie, not the heart attack) with success a couple of times. Yum! So why wouldn't I try and make this super cute one to take to a birthday BBQ? (which we didn't end up going to....)


I followed the instructions about chilling the brownies and everything, the dark chocolate one just didn't want to hold together. I would highly reccomend this recipe however- especially the white chocolate one which ends up kind of caramelly, mmmmm.
The hearts are super cute anyway! (And we didn't eat them all- some went to a friend, others are going to a colleague to say thanks for some eggs, and some went into the freezer for another day....there is a container of offcuts in the fridge though!)
Next up? Gotta be these ones, sweet and salty wins always! (Oh who am I kidding, just the brownie section will keep me busy for a while!)