Monday, 16 August 2010

From the Weekend

egg shells

I've been making muffins a lot lately, Michael likes to take savoury ones to work for his breakfast. I make a simple recipe with cheese and corn and some herbs and spices. He likes lots of chilli!

ginger muffin mix

Mum gave me a Dish magazine subscription for my birthday this year. I'm always attracted to the sweet recipes, and made a yummy pear and gingerbread pudding the other night. It was delicious, but had more butter, sugar and white flour than what seems advisable or necessary. I adapted the recipe to make muffins for work this week. (if they are a success, I'll share the recipe later.)

I wrap our muffins up and freeze them (on separate sides of the freezer!), then we pull them out on the way to work, they're thawed by morning tea. (Michael get's his out the night before. He eats them on his way to the morning meeting.) It's an effective way to prevent all the baking being eaten by mid-week.

tomato plants

This weekend I also repotted the tomato plants- the seeds were planted on the first new moon in June as per Louise's instructions. There's one runty one, but it should catch up by October. I also planted some seeds, spring onion, more tomatoes, tamarillo, and some flowers for the front of the house.

What did you spend the weekend doing?


  1. Feeding calves and tending to cows and calves! Lots of hours...
    Cleaning buckets, washing wet weather gear, picking daffodils, enjoying my spring garden emerging and digging some of the vegie patch. I really do love spring! I normally do some baking too, but didn't get to it this weekend.I am loving the new Rural Women cookbook 'A Good Spread' currently being reprinted. It has lots of tried and true country recipes plus a few new ones too. Enjoy your week

  2. wow thats early, way to go, I am just thinking about getting my seed box out