Friday, 13 August 2010

Fibre Friday :: new silk in the shop

storm in a teacup

storm in a teacup

I spent some of my day reskeining and photographing yarn and fibre to list in the shop. This silk really is as amazing as it looks!

I also spent some time knitting in the 4 ply silk, I'm knitting a Travelling Woman, which is a free pattern. I hope to get it finished so I can take some photos this weekend. I picked up some blocking wires today so I can get it all straightened out if I finish it in time.

I can also use the blocking wires to get started on blocking my crochet blocks, I just need to start weaving in some of those ends!

Have you got a fibre project on the go?


  1. Hi I'm knitting a vintage style jacket in Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. The yarn looks a bit like the beautiful yarns illustrated in you post. This is my first project using one of a bundle of 1940s knitting patterns I bought on Ebay. The pattern was published in a womans magazine in 1942, I am very excited about my first vintage project. I suspect the yarn used in those days was pretty basic but I wanted my jacket to have a twist of old fashioned luxury, but still to give it a little bit of a feel of wartime knitting where no scrap of yarn was wasted. I bought the yarn in the sales and am using two colours, a dark lilac for the ribbing and a pale lilac for the rest.

  2. These look amazing!!! So soft and silky!

    Warm wishes
    Lou x