Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Swap Goodies

Tash from Knitsch Yarns and I did a swap this week- her parcel arrived in my letterbox today.


Sock yarn in 'Beauregarde', yummy! I plan to knit this Lace Ribbon Scarf with it. Also included were two sweet wee stitch markers that Tash is about to start selling, from SuperVery! I was so excited to see the little cow. Now I need to knit something that requires markers!


My camera is at 'the shop', it was having troubles processing every second image I took. It feels so strange to be using my point a shoot again, and I crave the creative control, manual focus and custom white balance my dSLR has. Here's hoping it will be easy (and cheap!) to fix. Otherwise I might be in the market for a new one....

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  1. I love the new (dusty) banner for Spinning a Yarn blog!!
    Waiting in anticipation for the new kitchen shots!!!