Thursday, 1 July 2010


Life is so full, and busy right now. In a good way though, the kind that makes you grateful for that moment of calm as you lay back in bed at night.

Kitchen goes in Friday week. We will spend the weekend frantically prepping the walls!


I'm hoping to get a chance to catch you up on Cambridge, but I might have to content myself with just saying it was a fab day out. I made one wee purchase which I'll photograhise and show you soon I hope. It was lovely to meet crafty people from a different part of NZ, and welcome to anyone who has found their way here since then.

Here is a couple of photos of Dad's birthday cake from last month. (It was a big one, ending with an '0')


We heard some lovely stories about the farming blood running through Dad's veins- the time he went to check on the calving cows down the paddock before anyone else was up, and came back announcing 'it's spring' because there were 3 cows and calves. He was 4!! Nana used to have to tie him to clothesline to stop him wandering off to be with the cows.


Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. What a lovely story Jessicah! Brought tears to my eyes.

  2. love the beer in the other hand...what about the pretend farm on the kitchen floor?...the fences were made from wooden clothes pegs and the gates were the very cool coloured plastic spring pegs...but Nana had to get the washing out on the line and dried and the pegs back in fence lines before Brent got home from school at 3.10