Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Year of the Quilt 7 :: A Baby Quilt ::

Quilt has been gifted. As much as I would love a cot this beautiful to ues as a prop to show off my work, we just haven't the space.

Squishy and inviting.

Goes perfectly with other gifts!

Horsey for horse mad Bex is the perfect colour. Wanna see a close up of that beautiful handknitted by Grandma blanket?

A work of art in tiny-ply.

Lets try it in the bassinet too. Aah fits perfectly!

:: I flew down to Christchurch last weekend to spend time with firends, but particularly for Bex's baby shower. What a fun weekend. The best part was gifting this! My thoughts have een with her lots this week- she's counting down with only two weeks to go! ::

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  1. Oh that looks so nice! I bet Bex is ready to have that baby! How's her knitting coming along?