Monday, 18 May 2009

Red Red Red

Winter weather draws me back to fibre- cosy spinning while the rain pours down outside, and there's no shortage of this up here in Auckland. I think Saturday was the first day in a fortnight we didn't have any rain. I got 4 loads of washing done. Anyway, I digress.

About a month ago I bought some grown up dyes and so far I've only played with two- red and brown. Those who know me well will see a recurring theme here.

Inspired by my winter skirts, I decided to spin a yarn to make a matching scarf with.

I've finished the spinning, just need to wash the skein and wind it up into a ball. Any links to your favourite scarf pattern would be appreciated!

Right now I'm also loving the $1.99 sheet of cardboard I bought the other day.


  1. Yes that wool looks so warm and burgundy! Beautiful. so is the baby-quilt, wow it looks perfect! Lies