Monday, 17 December 2012

:: Renovation :: The Laundry ::

Oh laundry, you poor tired YELLOW space. Oh you were so YELLOW and for such a long time.


After a little laundry love.

 It's amazing what a little white paint can do!


I was very proud of  myself for plumbing in the new tub. The plumber left the pipes sticking out of the wall and a list of instructions and I got it all hooked up on my own! Yay!


We painted those sliding doors white and I made a blind for in front of the tall cupboard.


On the wall above the sink I put these two pages from old magazines in frames. I found the magazines in the top of one of the wardrobes when we moved in, and thought this laundry advice (Wash Day Helps) was appropriate!


"Modern appliances have taken  much of the grind out of wash-day"

So that was the last room in the house in Auckland that we upgraded. It was such a refreshing change! Looking at these photos makes me want to get stuck in to the house we are in now!


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