Thursday, 20 September 2012

Renovation :: Studio Space

I have a few more renovation pictures to share, of the house in Auckland. This space has been a good record of all the work we put into our first home, and I'd like it to be complete.


This is Muriel, who you first met here.


Muriel came with the 'games room' which I turned studio. Those who know me or visited my studio, know this was a 'creative space' which is a polite euphemism for hellishly messy most of the time.


We made over the studio in record time (three coats of paint in one day!). These pictures don't really show the huge transformational change, but it was a lighter, airier space after we finished.


I left behind a lot of those shelving units, and have yet to find a new storage solution in my new studio- there are a lot of things in boxes still!


Obviously this photo requires a disclaimer about my bad hair day, dyeing clothes and glasses day. See that loom? We have a date this week!

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