Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What I've been doing: Lounge Renovation

When we bought our house, the lounge looked like this.


If you'll recall, I gave it a mini makeover about 13 months ago.


Well, the junk crept back in as we renovated the two bedrooms, and it required a mammoth effort to clear it out move everything into another room. Obviously these photos were taken before that happened. My little brother arrived home from Canada, and made good on his promise of some building work. I don't know if you heard, but he won Little Brother of the Year 2011.





 A little bit of elbow grease later, may I present you with this?



I had fun styling the bookcase.


I painted these tables I bought on Trademe.


And finally recovered this chair! (as seen in the mini makeover photo.) Funny story: I dismantled the old cover and cut out my pattern pieces about 10 months ago. I had to guess how to put all the pieces back together. Hot Tip: Buy your foam from an upholsterers- it's way cheaper!


The painting was a wedding gift from my super talented best friend Penny. It's awesome and the inspiration for the colours I used in the room.


I made the cushions loosely following the directions in Modern Log Cabin Quilting. They are made of linen and I LOVE them.

We need to get the floor sander in to patch up where we took the wall out, and under the old hearth, but really, we are just enjoying this new open and airy space, what a difference removing a wall makes!