Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wedding Photos

It's been a long time coming (um, 2 years) but I've finally got around to hanging up some wedding photos in our home. During out wedding reception we had our photographer set up a blank background, and we provided some props for our guests to use in photos- we got some absolute gems, like this one of my great Aunt and Uncle,


This one of my Mum and Dad (on the left) with their University friends,


And this one of my cousins (note the thumbs up photo bombing.)


Michael and I also got in on the action- I've been meaning to frame this one for a while.


I took this old picture and popped the painting out of, then took to it with a can of spray paint.


I had the photo printed onto a block at Snapfish- A fun way of displaying photos, and a bit different to the usual canvas. I put them together, voilĂ ! (Now I'm looking around to find other things to spray paint glossy red.)


The other photos I put up are a collection of my favourites in a multi frame from Briscoes. Although this family looks like they are having a rollicking good time at the beach, it was nice that my photos arrived so quickly from Snapfish.


I altered the frame a little, cutting out the divider between the two square holes at the top of the frame, so I could fit in the wedding car ute.


A nice wee tribute to our special day. And a not so wee tribute in an upcoming post......