Monday, 21 November 2011

Wedding Quilt

I had it in mind to make my friend Penny and her new husband Sam a 'wedding quilt', back before they got engaged, when she thought they wouldn't get married. So had been collecting green fabric for some time, and had a design all worked out in my head.

The wedding snuck up on me rather quickly though, and I had to work like crazy to get it finished.


It's quite a simple design- nine by nine 9 patches, starting at all green and ending at all white, save one green square. I machine quilted around the 9 patches, and hand quilted in the middle of each one- some I stitched around the middle square, some I stitched a heart, and some I stitched on a button. I like to sit a while with a quilt and love on it a bit, hence the hand stitching.

I also embroidered an inscription for the back, but I didn't get a photo of that.


It's to go on top of a queen sized bed, but is shown here on a double bed.


I have lots of notes for it, so if you were wanting more information, just let me know and maybe I could scan a copy to send through to you.