Saturday, 2 April 2011

Interdisciplinary Crafting

I've been wanting to try spinning around a wire core for some time, the idea has been ruminating at the back of my mind.

I cut a long length of copper wire and spun some red silk around it. There is a discussion about this (with helpful notes) and some neat photos here via ravelry.

After I spun it up I logically had to make it into something.

I often get sidetracked like this (I was supposed to be test spinning some new batts.) This is how I get into a mess with multiple unfinished projects. (I still feel bad about that rag doll with wonky arms and legs hiding in Mum's fabric closet. Sorry Mum!)


Anyway, wire core yarn makes for cool photos.


And a nice necklace. My technique needs some work- see the fuzzy vs. smooth bits? I also want to try this using a space dyed silk sliver to get different colours in the necklace.


Have you tried spinning with wire?