Thursday, 10 February 2011

A note on comments....

Blogger works really well for me, except for one thing which makes me grrrr..... It's quite tricky to follow up comments.

I've had some such wonderful, lovely comments lately, and mostly how I'd like to respond is to whip off a quick email reply- I know I don't often check back where I've commented unless I've asked a specific question. Unfortunately unless you activate your email in your privacy settings on your Blogger profile, I can't see your email address.

So maybe you might like to turn this on? You never know what might come your way......


(Also investigating a switch, maybe typepad? Any thoughts on what platform you like the best?)


  1. Eeek. I have the same problem with comments. I love to follow up but have no real way of knowing if they came back to check the comments area again. I've looked into some options and there are some add-ons you can add to blogger that enable you to email back replies or provide email notification. Maybe something like that would work? I'm too stuck on blogger to move.

    Talia Christine

  2. I switched to wordpress after I had a long term problem with blogger not letting me comment. I would absolutely go to typepad if I had the money, it lets you personalise it so much more.

  3. I'm too new to blogger (and blogging) to move. I have enabled e mails and thank you, Jessicah, for your reply (I'm still considering which yarn I would like). I'm afraid all I do is post a comment below the visitors' comments before I post thr next blog but I realise that particularly if someone follows lots of blogs they are not likely to revisit an old post

  4. I just tried to reply to a comment that you left on my blog - but you don't have your email activated! Yes I'm in Papakura too, a crafty session sounds great!