Tuesday, 1 February 2011

In print (2)


Last week Briscoes was having a mad sale on photo frames- 60% off! I was in buying a wedding gift for some friends and couldn't help buying some for myself too. Then we had to go to another Briscoes store so I could get some more (I cleaned them both out!).


I ordered some prints of photographs I've been meaning to frame for oh, 3 years, and some more recent ones of Michael, myself and Pedro. They looked great in the frames! (Note the use of past tense here.)


I used those sticky 3M hooks, carefully followed the directions and waited the allotted time before hanging my masterpieces. About 30 seconds after this photo was taken there was an almighty crash and the frame hit the floor, splintering into pieces, glass flying everywhere. I was very mad.

I quickly took down the other frames I had hung before they could career off the wall too.

I can talk about it now (just), but don't ask me to laugh.

So if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy some of the old fashioned hooks that make holes in your walls.


  1. Very useful info - I was considering those 3M sticky things, as I'm in a rented cottage and the other ones bring the plaster off! Ah well - I'm using the plastic ones now with three little points that you tap in, but I think a big chunk of plaster will come off when I remove them...
    Note to self: must get some polyfilla...

  2. That's such a shame as the pictures do look very beautiful, I hope you got another frame for the triple photos.

    Another reason I would not use those sticky hooks is that, although the hooks may fall off, often the sticky stuff doesn't or it removes paint and sometimes plaster with it!

  3. I was considering buying some of those 3M sticky hooks too so thanks for the warning, even if it did come at your expense. I guess nothing beats the old fashioned way.