Thursday, 2 September 2010

Whangamata Fibre Weekend

Whew! I've only just caught my breath, and it's the end of the week!

I didn't take many photos in Whangamata- I was too busy enjoying myself! I took these ones of the amazing yarn/flower arrangements in the front of the hall on the way in on Saturday.....



And then had this one taken right at the end on Sunday, as people were packing up. That's me, second in from the left, with my fab-u-lous weaving instructor Esther Nitske, and Eleanor (far right), who was kind enough to lend me her loom for Sunday. Her darling husband was kind enough to run extras in to the hall when we found we didn't have any sticks (and now I know what that means!). He was a sweetie! And on the left is Kim :) She was walking past at an opportune moment!


And you can see a teeny sneak peek of my stall in that photo too. I've got things to list tomorrow!

Had a lovely weekend with amazing fibre-y people, delicious food and the best scones ever with cream and jam!

Michael and Pedro also came with us and we rented a wee bach to stay in. Whangamata is only 30% owner occupied, and a really delightful place midwinter. Not sure how I'd handle the crowds in the middle of summer, but I really did fall in love with the place. We were a short walk to the estuary, which went round to a lovely beach. At this time if year the dogs can go anywhere, which makes a lovely change for dog owners.


Whangamata, we will be back in two years, if not before.

(Oh and sorry for the crap-tacular photos. My good camera is back at the workshop, which is sad, and I hope I can have another camera back in my hands soon!)

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